What Makes Our Liquor Unique?

At Avonak Distillery, located in the heart of Houston, we have created a unique spirit that is sure to bring a taste of home with each sip. We pride ourselves on using local ingredients and distilling our liquor with expertise and finesse, providing a one-of-a-kind flavor profile for every bottle.

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Avonak Vodka bottle

Small-Batch Spirits

We believe that in order to create a truly special spirit, we must pay attention to every detail of the distilling process. As such, we take great care in creating small-batch spirits that preserve all of their unique characteristics. By hand-selecting each ingredient with the greatest degree of scrutiny, we are able to ensure that each bottle has been crafted with the utmost care.

pouring Avonak gin

Sources Products From All Over the World

At Avonak Distillery, we don’t just source ingredients from Houston. We travel all over the world to find the finest and freshest products to create our spirits. We believe that each component of our liquor should have its own distinct flavor profile for maximum complexity and depth.

distilling equipment

Unique Flavors

Our spirits are created with the utmost care and attention to detail. We take pride in ensuring that each bottle reflects the authentic taste of local ingredients combined with our expert distilling techniques. This allows us to create liquors that are unlike any other, boasting a unique flavor that is sure to please even the most discerning of palates.

shots of vodka

Commitment and Passion in Everything We Do

At Avonak Distillery, we are passionate about creating the best spirits in Houston. We strive to create an experience that is unlike any other, bringing together the timeless taste of home with fresh, unique flavors. With our commitment to excellence and passion for creating one-of-a-kind spirits, we are sure to make a lasting impression in the local distillery scene.

Visit Our Local Distillery to Experience Our Spirits for Yourself

At Avonak Distillery in Houston, we strive to produce the finest small-batch liquors by sourcing products from all over the world and crafting unique flavors with our expert distilling techniques. We are passionate about our craft and committed to creating spirits that reflect the rich taste of home in every sip. So come by and get a taste of Houston with an Avonak Distillery liquor today!

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