4 Ways Avonak Distillery Stands Out From the Competition

As the premier Houston distillery, Avonak Distillery stands out from the competition in many ways. Our commitment to quality and creating an unforgettable tasting experience is what sets us apart.

Here are four of the many ways that Avonak stands out from other distilleries in Houston. Learn more about our distillery and try our spirits for yourself today!

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Family-Owned Distillery

Avonak is a family owned and operated distillery, which means that all our products are created with love and care. Our team works closely together to ensure every detail of the distilling process is perfect, from sourcing ingredients to bottling and packaging each batch. As a result, we've become known for crafting some of the finest small batch liquors in Texas.

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Founded by Five Families From Five Different Countries

Our founders are five families from five different countries. What brought them together is a passion for crafting superior spirits. With each family bringing their own unique culture and language to the distillery, Avonak has become known for its diverse range of liquors that reflect our founder's heritages.

distillery event

Event Space in Houston

On top of offering our small batch spirits, our event venue in Houston is the perfect place for local community members to gather together and celebrate. We can host up to 200 people, offering an intimate atmosphere for a special occasion or corporate event. Our space is also available for private tastings, making it the ideal destination for craft spirit lovers.

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Using Local Ingredients

At Avonak Distillery, we source all of our ingredients from local farmers and suppliers. This ensures that each batch of our spirits is made with the highest quality and freshest ingredients

Visit Our Distillery in Houston Today!

At Avonak Distillery in Houston, we aim to create the perfect balance of timeless taste and expertly crafted flavors. Our commitment to quality, award-winning spirits, diverse founders, and local ingredient sourcing makes us stand out from the competition. Visit us today to try our spirits and experience what makes Avonak Distillery so special!

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