4 Reasons Avonak Distillery is a Great Event Venue

If you are in search of the perfect venue for your next event, look no further than our event space in Houston at Avonak Distillery. Our gorgeous space offers you and your guests everything they need to have a great time no matter the type of event — weddings, corporate hangouts, family gatherings, birthday parties, holiday parties, or anything else — we do it all. Read below to find out more and contact us to book your space today!

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We Accommodate Your Needs

Whether you are hosting a wedding, corporate event, family reunion, birthday party, or any other occasion, our team of professionals will completely accommodate your needs. We will work alongside you to determine the best layout for your event, including where to place tables and chairs or where to leave space for a dance floor!

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Space for Up To 200 People

If you are hosting a large event, we have some great news! Our event space in Houston has room for approximately up to 200 of your closest friends, families, or workers. This gives everyone plenty of space to enjoy a day or night full of fun without rubbing shoulders with everyone else that was invited.

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Expert Staff

Avonak Distillery staff has vast experience hosting every type of event. Our goal is to help you host an event that is one to remember, and we will do everything in our power to not only meet, but exceed your needs and expectations. Rest assured that you are well covered when partnering with us for your event.

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An Amazing Bar Experience

As a full-fledged distillery in Houston, we are proud to offer your event a bar experience like no other. If you allow it, we can set up a full bar so that you and your guests can have that little bit of liquid courage required for an unforgettable time. Your guests can enjoy a full range of our distilled spirits including drinks made with our amazing gin, whiskeys, and vodka!

No matter the type of event you are hosting, there is no better venue to book than ours at Avonak Distillery. We have the knowledge, expertise, and space required to host an event that will not disappoint. Contact us to book your space today!

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